GSH Wellness Services

The wellness department provides the following services as guided by the interrelated eight dimensions of wellness which are; Physical wellness, Intellectual wellness, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Financial, Occupational, Social wellness.

  • Medical services.

The Medical services are doctor led which include diagnosis of various medical conditions from all current employees, employees on disability leave and retired employees who present will illness and provide medical management.

  • Chronic Care

The Chronic care includes diagnosis and management of chronic conditions for all staff members. The Chronic conditions include Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), ART and Mental health conditions.

  • HIV services

The wellness department also provides HIV testing, ART initiation and chronic management of HIV through doctor lead services.

  • Psycho-social support for Employees

The wellness department also provides psycho-social services to all employees. These services which are wellness Nurse led include psycho-social counsel for individuals and group employees as well as Good Shepherd Nursing college students. Other services include debriefing sessions, and Health education to stuff members.

  • Take lead in recreational activities

The recreational activities provided by the wellness department include the organization of Team buildings for employees, Sporting activities, participation in social gatherings at regional national scale.