Community Heath Unit has the following Health Programmes (Home Based Care)

  • ART-initiation of ARVs, refills, mentoring in 28 clinics in the region
  • VCT-diagnosis of HIV, opening of chronic care files
  • PHU/MNCH-HIV testing to all pregnant, lactating women, children 12yrs and below, curative care for the under 12 years, Art initiation to HIV positive women, lactating mothers and children under 2 years also doing outreach services to the unreachable to 12 mobile outreach sites
  • HBC/PALLIATIVE CARE-Achieving best quality of life for patients and their families facing terminal illnesses through relief of symptoms and management of other sources of suffering
  • TB-screening, diagnoses, and treatment of all TB cases including MDR, home assessment of newly diagnosed patients
  • MENTAL HEALTH UNIT-screening ,counselling and refilling of medication t mental and epileptic clients, register new cases and do follow ups
  • MALE CIRCUMCISION-offering of male circumcision, health education on sexual health
  • ENT-screening, diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat conditions
  • Community HIV/TB services, stigma reduction of HIV in the community through campaigns and community dialogues, formation of ART refill groups
Good Shepherd Social and Community Services