ART & TB Clinic Services

ART and TB clinic center of Excellency has been serving the community of Lubombo region since 2006 at the time when morbidity and mortality was very high due to late case presentation and ARVs were very expensive and scares to general public.

 We’ve made significant strides to date through several interventions with ministry of health and various partners e.g ICAP, URC, EGPAF & LEEDS University of which that gains are attributed through team work, cooperation, coordination, staffs training and community sensitization.

ART & TB clinic services are as follows;

  • Diagnosis of HIV through various provider and client initiated HIV testing models by targeted testing & Self-testing at all care point of entry within hospital coupled ensuring 95% cased diagnosed are initiated on treatment
  • A comprehensive HIV (HAART) treatment care and support promoting test & start irrespective of CD4 and clinical staging and those initiated are 95% retained in chronic care.
  • ART patient enrolled in chronic care are 95% virologicaly suppressed annually.
  • Extensive investigations and treatment of opportunistic infections with provision of chemotherapy to advanced Kaposi’s sarcoma
  • HIV and opportunistic Preventive services e.g. voluntary male circumcision , HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis , HIV post exposure prophylaxis, TB isoniazid prophylaxis and Cryptococci secondary prophylaxis
  • Regular screening for TB, breast & cervical , non-communicable disease
  • Management and treatment of non-communicable diseases related to HIV/AID e.g. diabetics , hypertension , cancers
  • Doctors in ART and TB clinics are involved in Nurse Led HIV/AIDS and TB trainings of health workers within lubombo region
  • Roll out support ,supervision and consultations to 31 baby clinics attached to GSMH ART clinic for HIV/TB care and services within lubombo region
  • Psychosocial support , education and behavioral change through ART differentiated care e.g. teen clubs , facility based treatment clubs, out -reach refill services and community based ART groups
  • Comprehensive Palliative care package for advanced cancers and home bases care to bed ridden patients
  • Communicable disease Research within community ( communicable disease health services – COMDIS ) in collaboration with university of LEEDS in England

Above overall services contributes to MOH strategy 2022 by: 

  • Reducing New HIV / TB infection
  • Reducing AIDS related deaths
  • Screening manage and treat co-morbidity conditions related to HIV treatment
  • Reducing stigma and discrimination especially to venerable and key population groups