OPD Department

Outpatient department (OPD)/ Emergency Response is the main point of entry for adults seeking medical and surgical services at GSH. The department consist of 6 main consultation rooms with each room with a specialized purpose. The purposes of consultation room can be summarized as follows.

Casualty (Emergency Response): consultation of Emergency Patients stabilize all critical patients preparing them before being admitted to inpatients wards.

It is also refereed as a point of entry for stat doses for all outpatient and inpatient wards

It is also used where patients are scheduled for theatre if the is a requirement

Data Clerks Office: Registration and payments of outpatients/inpatients before admission and storage of patient files.

Room 4: This room is occupied by Gynecologists’ used as a consultation room for obstetric-gyne patients

Room 5: consultation room used for medical patients

Room 6: consultation room used for surgical patients

HTC Room: Used for HTS services and referral of newly diagnosed HIV patients.

TB Screening

The OPD serves as a referral and Linkage department to ENT, Eye Clinic, TB and ART