Laboratory Services

The Lab provides testing services in clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology (HIV monitoring) parasitology, serology, TB and blood transfusion services. Consultative services in the various aspects of the tests performed to clinicians and other healthcare workers. Training in technical and analytical skills to laboratory person and students from higher institutions of learning.

Safety Precaution when you are inside LAB

Ensuring laboratory safety is not just the responsibility of the laboratory manager or Safety Officer, it is the responsibility of everyone working in the laboratory so written and verbal warnings must be adhered to:

Protective Clothing

Always wear protective clothing in the laboratory for safety (laboratory coat, gloves, respirators, masks, aprons, safety shoes, eye goggles)

Eating in the Lab

  • No eating in the Laboratory (no food, chewing, and drinks e.t.c)
  • Do not store food or beverages in the lab or in a chemical refrigerators
  • Do not use lab glassware as containers for food or beverages

Musical Gadgets

  • Individual headphones and ear-buds are not allowed
  • Radios, iPods, MP3 players and other devices for playing music have potential for distracting attention from your work and are therefore not permitted at the Lab


  • Wash your hands at entry and exit
  • Wash your hands after taking off gloves

Work Area

  • Keep a clean, tidy working area and free from obstruction. Keep drawers closed
  • Work areas should be routinely disinfected
  • Work areas should be cleaned at the beginning of your working day and the end of the day


  • Report all accidents, incidents & near miss immediately, even if they do not result in injury to the Safety Officer immediately

Heating procedures

  • Ensure proper handling of Bunsen burners
  • Take safety Precautions while heating substances
  • Heated glassware remains very hot for long time they should be set aside in a designated place to cool and be picked up with caution. Use tongs or forceps or heat protective gloves if necessary

Proper Chemical Handling

  • All chemicals are hazardous, handle with care

Linen Management

  • Employees must use established hospital/facility laundry services for cleaning soil lab coats. Lab coats are not to be laundered at home.