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Good Shepherd Mission Hospital

Good Shepherd Mission Hospital in Siteki, Swaziland, is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Manzini under the leadership of His Lordship Jose Luis Ponce De Lion. It is governed byGoverning Board and was established in 1949, by the Catholic Church in Swaziland.

However, in 2009, the Hospital was transformed to a Government Parastatal under Category A of the Public Enterprises. The Governing Board is now composed according to SCOPE rules and regulations.
The main aims and objectives of the Hospital is to promote the concept of healing and wholeness in a Christian spirit as a state of physical, mental and spiritual well being as provided in the constitution of the World health Organization.



Good Shepherd Mission Hospital CEO receiving a Service Excellence Award on Behalf of Good Shepherd Mission Hospital .

The Hospital received an award for being the best Hospital in country which provides excellent service to its clients. The Awards were hosted by IRMD in partnership with a number of stakeholders including Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Our Services

Surgical Department – treating injuries, deformities by manual or operative procedures Gynaecology and Obstetrics Departments Paediatric Department Medical Department Ophthalmic Department Dental department X-ray Laboratory Pharmacy


Good Shepherd is a fully functional Hospital headed by the Chief Executive Officer, and comprising of the following departments:- The principal purpose of this department is to provide practical, consistent, and pro active support, d...


GSMH being a non-profit organization has a number of strategic partners which assist in the development of the hospital and surrounding community. GSMH boasts of partners internationally...

General Information

Our Services

Paediatrics department

Bed numbers (excluding surgical and surgical specialties):General Paediatric beds ,Admission beds,Subspecialty: Heamatology/Oncology,Subspecialty: 

Pharmacy department

On a monthly basis:out-patients visit the pharmacy,bedletters are re-viewed and dispensed, discharged prescriptions are issued.

Mental Health Unit

The Department of Psychiatry's aims are to provide a multidisciplinary and holistic psychiatric service,

Internal medicine

Statistics The Department of Medicine include subspecialties of Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Pulmanology, Endocrinology,

Eye Clinic

Good Shepherd Eye Clinic seeks to reveal the light and love of Christ into the eyes of the blind in Swaziland.

Physiotherapy department

Adult Physical Rehabilitation:As Good Shepherd Hospital is an acute hospital, it offers intensive in-patient treatment, 

Our Management

Experienced Team

The Chief Executive Officer

Human Resources Manager

Administration And Support Services

Matron Community

Nursing Services and outreach programs

Senior Medical Officer

Medical And Para Medical Services

College Principal

Training College

Chief Matron

Nursing Services And Programs

Chief Financial Officer

Finance And Procurement Services

GSH Contacts

P.O. Box 2


(+268)343 4133 / 4,

(+268)343 4467


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